Student Success Solutions

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Academic Advisement

Peer Mentorship Program

Sign up to find and connect with a Peer Mentor who can help you navigate through college life.


Earn certificates with quick, self-paced workshops on topics such as time management, test taking strategies, and math anxiety.


Professional Mentorship Program

Sign up to find and connect with a Professional Mentor or an Emeritus Scholar who can help you unlock and reach your career goals.


Apply for remote jobs, local internships, and everything in between.

Triton Career Connections

Learn how UOG sets you up for career success, or how you can prepare for the workforce yourself.

Internships through CDO

Work one-on-one with a career coach to maximize your college experience with an internship.

Financial Literacy Certificate Program

Become financially proficient and earn a continuing education credit with this free online course.

Financial Advisement

TAC Specialists


Jasmine Bassett

Student Academic Advising Specialist


Ron VanDon

Career Advising Specialist


Vivian Valdes

Financial Advising Specialist